An app can’t fill the void, with Scott Stratten

Published on
May 23, 2014
Chris Taylor
"Ideas are only valuable when applied."
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Scott Stratten, marketing guru extraordinaire and author of the wildly successful “UnMarketing”, tells us where businesses are going wrong with social media and gives us details on his upcoming book.

1.07 Scott explains the beard.
2.47 Embracing the haters.
3.55 Why you should build a foundation before entering the social media.
5.00 Social media mavens need to get over themselves.
6.51 Why do people think there is a band-aid solution that deals with the latest tech opposed to something more systemic?
10.10 You can’t fill the void with an app.
11.07 80% of Scott’s Tweets are…
13.17 Scott’s thoughts on scheduling your social media
13.43 Scott’s biggest frustrations in the way people are managing their teams in regards to social media
17.07 What happens when an employee thinks they don’t have impact
17.45 Scott’s thoughts on alternative workplaces.
22.33 Why some people don’t like alternative workplaces.
23.20 Scott’s shared details on his new book “UnSelling”.
24.15 Scott’s action item for you.