Published on
September 15, 2014
Chris Taylor
"Ideas are only valuable when applied."
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In the context of learning:

  • How much time do you spend reading?
  • How much time do you spend listening or watching?
  • How much time do you spend conversing?

Not conversing to state or defend your point. Not conversing for the transactional transfer of urgent (but unimportant) data, but for the true and pure purpose of learning.

When I reflect back over the years of Actionable Interviews, I can safely say that some of my biggest and most memorable learning experiences came through the opportunity to ask my own, real-time questions of the authors… and then discuss it with them at length.

This Friday, I’d love it if you could join the conversation as well. I’ll be reconnecting with Lewis Schiff – author of Business Brilliant – and we’ll be discussing the role that failure plays in success. He’s a smart guy. I’m looking forward to the conversation and you can too – for the first time ever, you’ll have the opportunity to participate live and ask your questions via a real time chat feed. Register today, if you’re interested (The event is free, but there are limited spots available)

Learning through discussion is one of the most powerful vehicles I know and, I believe, one of the more underrated. Pick someone’s brain today ~ get a conversation going for the sole purpose of learning.