Published on
January 14, 2014
Chris Taylor
"Ideas are only valuable when applied."
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We had our quarterly leadership training on Friday, and the launch of a new Actionable Consultant cohort yesterday. At some time during both events, I overheard those magical words, “this group really feels like family.”

I worry sometimes that my communication style can be a little too casual. A little too “transparent”. I feel that I’m being too honest, and that through “over sharing” I can spread any of the trepidation and concern that I can (sometimes) feel, as the team leader. Because team leaders are supposed to be flawless, right? Full of unwavering confidence?

And then I remind myself that this is one of the best (aka most productive / best customer feedback inducing / biggest picture thinking) team dynamics we’ve ever had. One of the most seasoned and “professional” Consultant cohorts we’ve ever launched. And I have to reconnect with the fact that the world has changed. Transparent is attractive. Authentic is powerful.

Family’s messy. You take the good with the chaotic. You stick together and support each other, despite (and because of?) the idiosyncrasies that make your unique. You leverage strengths and work towards a common vision. People respond to vulnerability. The very best people want the “full story” because it allows them to play a part in shaping it’s future.