Lewis Schiff on Business Brilliant

Published on
February 2, 2014
Chris Taylor
"Ideas are only valuable when applied."
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17 minutes with the highly engaging Lewis Schiff, talking about his new book, Business Brilliant. Highlights include…

0:55 Why following the rules may not work anymore.
1:30 What is Business Brilliance?
2:45 The research behind the book
4:20 The mindset around failure
6:20 What the heck is “Failure Faith”?
8:25 Criteria for choosing a business partner
9:20 “Go for the Win-win”…
10:50 The heart of the self-made millionaire
11:42 One tip to the millionaire path
12:30 Ceiling of Complexity… and how it will impact your team
13:35 Why driving intrinsic joy from your employees is key to financial success
15:30 More important than money (though money’s easier to measure)
16:50 Chris’s biggest takeaway