Mitch Joel: Escaping Purgatory

Published on
May 21, 2013
Chris Taylor
"Ideas are only valuable when applied."
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Digital-media thought leader, Mitch Joel’s latest book “Ctrl Alt Delete” is out today (May 21st), and well worth the price of admission. Chris had the opportunity to sit down with Mitch for a candid conversation about the new book. The 30 minute video covers the importance of sharing your critical thinking, the difference between Active and Passive Media (and what to do with them), Collaboration 2.0 and more. (Recorded in May, 2013)

2:52 The five movements (not trends) that your business needs to be exploring

3:35 Thinking as a Consumer… and how consumers are now Neo, running the Matrix.

7:45 Thinking around the Direct Response Model, and more expansive visions

9:45 The important distinction between Active and Passive media

13:05 Lean out media in Lean in channels

14:00 Active and Passive isn’t a zero sum game

15:15 We’re not in hell… we’re in purgatory

16:30 Insight into Mitch’s writing style

18:15 Collaboration 2.0

19:20 Revisiting the Squiggly career

22:44 Everyday, you’re writing your resume.

24:40 The ownership is on you… the intrapreneur

27:36 The spirit of the book, and the critical thinking required to move forward