Published on
June 30, 2013
Chris Taylor
"Ideas are only valuable when applied."
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“Work on the business, not in the business.”

“Get out of the weeds and take a look around.”

“Focus on the horizon as much as the road in front of you.”

We’ve all heard them. The reminder of how important it is to disconnect from “the work” from time to time, and regain perspective on what you’re working on, and where it’s taking you. I think, sometimes, we need to zoom out even further.

sunset at georgian bay

I have the pleasure of writing this from a small island off the coast of Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada (I took this photo off the dock). A complete escape from not just “the work”, but from “the business” as well. Aside from this post, I’m not working in – or on – my business. I’m zooming out from “the weeds” to “the horizon” and then one more time, from the horizon to a stratosphere that puts the business in perspective to my life.

To be clear, I love my business. I think about the work we do constantly, and relish the puzzles that present themselves on a daily basis.

Because I love my business, I don’t want it to be my life. I don’t want anything to be my life.

I relish variety, and the inspiration that pursuing variance allows.

There’s a richness that comes from refusing to define yourself by your job title, your work or, really anything, for that matter.

I hope you love what you do. Even more, I hope you take time to escape from it completely.