Scaling Excellence with Robert Sutton

Published on
February 24, 2014
Chris Taylor
"Ideas are only valuable when applied."
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Wildly successful Stanford Professor, organizational researcher, and author Robert Sutton is talking about Scaling Up Excellence, his pioneering book on the topic of business scaling. Join us for an informative 22 minutes with Bob.

Highlights include:

3.02: Bob’s connection to the Heath brothers
4.11: Thinking about business scaling: Are we Catholic or Buddhist?
6.33: Exclusive: An example of “going Buddhist” that wasn’t in the book!
9.10: Bridge International Academy and allowing teachers to modify and create their material
10.40: One of Chris’s favourite quotes from the book
11.53: What are guardrails and how can you define your guardrails?
13.09: How five rocks representing the five things you’re working on can cut cognitive load
14.35: Some tips on bringing guardrails into your organization
16.49: The importance of subtraction while scaling up
18.40: Was there an “Aha!” moment while researching this book?
20.44: A second “Aha!” moment!