Taking the Leap

Published on
December 8, 2014
Chris Taylor
"Ideas are only valuable when applied."
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An excerpt from Beyond the Picket Fence:

In my experience, it’s rarely a leap. Instead, it’s a series of small steps. The occasional larger step. Almost all of them things you can come back from. You’re a talented, capable, in demand person. I know that because you’re reading this book. (which is not a comment on this specific book, but the fact that you’re reading a book like this at all.)

In my interview with Jon & Alison Suter, this was the biggest theme that kept emerging – you can always go back. If you’re curious about what’s around the corner, go take a look. Like what you see? Go a few steps further. You can always go back.

The idea of “going all in” or “burning your boats” is sexy. It’s exciting to read Fast Company articles about entrepreneurs who gambled it all, and the stories make for great movie plots. But it’s no longer really necessary. In most cases, you can test an idea – a business, a lifestyle, a book – for a small amount of money with a small amount of risk. If you start with small bets, you can test your assumptions before there’s any real risk to you. And if you do go a few steps further – quit your job, sell your house, etc. – remember that you can (almost) always come back from it.

Experimenting with ideal lifestyle design should be a liberating experience, not one that makes you feel trapped to the singular path in front of you. Embrace the experimentation. Know that you can always come back.

Beyond the Picket Fence is due for release March 31st, 2015.