We’re hiring

Published on
April 25, 2016
Chris Taylor
"Ideas are only valuable when applied."
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It’s an exciting time at Actionable. Since bringing on my business partner, Will, a little over a year ago, we’ve been swiftly positioning the brand (and it’s various tools for improving the world of work) to be a global player in the Learning and Development space.

A couple of the highlights:

  • We’re on the very precipice of launching a rebuilt, re-envisioned and more powerful version of Actionable Workshops (under the improved and infinitely more accurate moniker, Actionable Conversations)
  • A new branding project – unifying and adding clarity to the relationship between our various platforms – is underway (wait – you didn’t know we even had multiple platforms?)
  • A wholly modernized version of ActionableBooks.com is slated for release later this year (because we all hate trying to read these summaries on a phone)
  • Aaaaaand, we’re hiring. Love Actionable? Been checking out the summaries, podcasts and author conversations? Thinking about stepping up your involvement? We should talk.

We have four positions currently available, and will be adding a dozen or so more in the coming months. If you’re curious to see what types of roles we have, and – more importantly – what type of people we work with – check out our fancy new careers page.

From past experience, our very best team members come from within this community. It’s not a company that makes sense for everyone, which means it might just be a fit for you.

Either way, thanks for being here. Your work matters.