What’s your anthem?

Published on
June 9, 2014
Chris Taylor
"Ideas are only valuable when applied."
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There’s a lot of talk these days about authenticity; about speaking (blogging, writing, etc) in a voice that is true to who you are, and will resonate with your audience.

Several years ago I was delighted to be introduced to a freshman author by the name of Sally Hogshead. Sally had just launched her book Fascinate and I was, well, fascinated with the premise. Basically (for those who aren’t familiar with Sally’s work), Fascinate is all about the 7 core “Fascination triggers”; the tone and body of message that is most authentic to each of us. It’s a neat book and, if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

So that was all about 4 years ago, and Sally has continued to refine and develop her body of work, such that she’s now defined 49 archetypes. Your archetype is defined by combining your primary and secondary trigger. When you can harness those triggers and pour them into your message, you’ll speak/write/communicate more authentically and with greater impact.

Sally’s “Fascination Advantage” assessment is normally $37, but as a gift to the ActionableBooks community, Sally’s made 500 assessments available for free, exclusively for this group. Here’s how you can take advantage:

1. Go to: HowToFascinate.com/YOU

2. Enter the code “CTaylor” (without quotes) as the “book code”, along with your name, password, and email address. You’ll immediately receive your in-depth, custom report, which identifies your personality Advantages.

* This code is only available for the first 500 participants, so if you’re interested, I’d recommend jumping on it as soon as you can.

I’m a Catalyst. I’m at my strongest when I’m sharing my enthusiasm (read: Passion) for whatever I’m most excited about, and then innovating with that knowledge to create something new. Sounds about right 

And please share. I’m really curious to know what personalities are hanging out with us on this journey.

**6/20 UPDATE: I’ve just posted an audio interview recording with Sally, if you’d like some more depth on how this whole thing works. Check it out here.
*** The free assessment has now expired.