Dana Wilde

Dana Wilde

Dana Wilde is the author of Train Your Brain: How to Build a Million Dollar Business in Record Time. This book teaches entrepreneurs that before you take action you must have the right mindset for success. She breaks down the Cycle of Perpetual Sameness – the number one reason why most people only experience incremental change in their lives and their businesses. Dana provides the much-needed blueprint to help you get off this counterproductive cycle and how to do it quickly. Her program of the same name has been used by thousands of small business owners and continues to be her #1 selling training.

With over 60,000 followers in 17 countries, Dana is an expert at training brains and changing lives. Named one of the top 50 most powerful and most influential people in Direct Selling and Network Marketing by Direct Selling Live, Dana is a trusted authority in creating positive mindset and fast business growth for entrepreneurs, sales professionals and corporate leaders. Dana Wilde knows how to stimulate brain power for personal and professional achievement in individuals and teams everywhere. She is a compassionate and personable trainer who has helped thousands accelerate their success. Dana’s core system Train Your Brain contains 20 “mindware experiments” utilized by top income producers from a variety of industries to rapidly increase their business growth.

Dana is the founder and CEO of The Mind Aware, an organization that delivers expert personal and professional development through audios, books, live trainings, joint venture relationships, and radio interviews. In addition to developing The Mind Aware Interview Series heard by hundreds of thousands of small business professionals worldwide, Dana is the host of her own radio show, syndicated in top markets across America. On The Mind Aware Show, Dana interviews celebrity experts on positive mindset and cutting edge marketing strategies for entrepreneurs. The Mind Aware Show is one of the fastest growing shows on The Expert Radio Network.

In addition to her extensive history as an entrepreneur and trainer, Dana’s background includes becoming a published author at the age of 23, an on-air guest host for the Tokyo Shopping Network and she is the winner of two Telly awards for writing and producing.

When she’s not unraveling the mysteries of the brain, Dana is passionate about helping animals, playing baritone ukulele, practicing Kundalini yoga … and she’s a raw food wannabee who can’t shake nachos.