David Rock

David Rock

I have been interested in ‘what makes us tick’ since as early as I can remember, and my personal interest in brain research has been there since my teens.

In 2004 I found that brain research provided a missing piece in our understanding of how to be more effective leaders, managers or coaches. I have now written three books based on what I have been learning, including Quiet Leadership, the text book Coaching with the Brain in Mind, and Your Brain at Work.

I coined the term ‘NeuroLeadership’ in 2007, and am now closely involved with running a global Institute that is involved in research and education around how to improve organizations through the use of neuroscience. Learn more on that at www.neuroleadership.org I also run a consulting and training organization at NeuroLeadership.com

I maintain an active personal blog at www.davidrock.net, as well as posting regularly on psychology today, on a blog called ‘Your Brain at Work’.

I live between Sydney Australia and New York City, and have a wonderful wife and two beautiful young daughters.