Jerry Lynch

Jerry Lynch

DR. LYNCH HAS BEEN A SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY CONSULTANT for the past 33 years TO OVER 25 INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS at the professional and NCAA collegiate levels. In one survey,he has been recognized as one of the top five in his profession nationwide.He is the former Sports Psychologist for men’s and women’s Basketball, Lacrosse and Soccer teams at the universities of North Carolina,Duke, Maryland, California and Stanford and continues to work with several teams nationally. He has been involved with athletes at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado, helping them to overcome fears, blocks and slumps, and to perform up to their potential. Several of his clients have participated in various summer and winter Olympic games. Aside from sports, Dr. Lynch has worked with performing artists and corporate executives.

Dr. Lynch is a well known and in-demand public speaker at Leadership,Coaching, athletic and corporate conventions, a national presenter of clinics and workshops for coaches and athletes in college and high school. He is a dynamic, entertaining, motivating, provocative and humorous speaker presenting topics on Peak Performance and the Ways of Champions in a practical, easy-to-apply manner. Some of his presentations include KEYNOTE TALKS at the New Zealand National Academy of Sport, Der Deutsche Schmerztog in Germany, the National Field Hockey Coaches Convention, the Ironman Sports Medicine Conference in Hawaii, the USA Lacrosse National Convention, and the NIKE/China Leadership Summit in Lanai, Hawaii.

Dr. Lynch has had extensive media interview coverage such as being an invited guest on CBS, NBC, and PBS national television, the New York Times, Oprah magazine, Sports Illustrated, Baltimore Sun, Outside magazine and several national radio broadcasts.

Dr. LYNCH received his doctorate in psychology from PENN STATE UNIVERSITY, and has done extensive post-doctoral work in the area of philosophy,comparative religions, Leadership development and performance enhancement. He has been a national class athlete, having been a member of a national championship team and, to this day, continues to train and compete in running and cycling. He has coached at the high school level as well as AAU sports.

He is the author of TEN books in as many as 10 languages on coaching, leadership, spirituality of sport, warrior spirit, peak performance, sports psychology. He has SEVEN DVD’s (video) on the Way of the Champion as well as a TWO 6-CD AUDIO BOXES on PERFORMANCE IN ATHLETICS.

Dr. Lynch is the founder and director of WAY OF CHAMPIONS, a performance consulting group geared toward helping others master the inner game for peak performance in ATHLETICS and develop the essential spiritual qualities so necessary for the game of life. He maintains a private practice and an extensive sports psychology consultation service for athletes, coaches and parents around the world.

He is the father of several, high energy, athletic children. He divides his time between his offices in Santa Cruz, California and Boulder, Colorado where he continues to train, run, bike, work and write in the spirit of what he teaches and coaches, the spirit of the dancing warrior.