Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards, founder of Guaranteed Response Marketing, LLC, is an Internet expert, marketing entrepreneur, newspaper columnist, author, motivational speaker and elite mentor and coach.

Having gained personal and financial freedom, he shares his proven strategies with self-motivated, hard-working people to help them attain personal and financial independence.

He has written and published dozens of ebooks, several print books and hundreds of articles.

Through his company, Jim has produced some 40 informational products on DVD and many more available in the latest electronic formats downloadable from the Internet. Jim produces and hosts webinars on a weekly basis and has been a frequent guest speaker at numerous international Internet marketing seminars.

Jim’s successes are most compelling because they stem from his true life story. From childhood Jim was always driven to succeed. Though he excelled as a young man in real estate and mortgage banking, Jim left the industry to launch his own business. In just a few short years, his business failed, he lost all he acquired, and he struggled to support his family and survive. He developed a heart condition and landed in the hospital staring death in the face. Thereafter, he declared bankruptcy.

With only one way to go, Jim worked his way up, up and up using his keen mastery of the Internet, a simple marketing strategy and hard, honest work. Within two years he was financially stable and free.

A prolific creator and writer, Jim constantly has several books and new products in development at any given time. What motivates him most is seeing how his work helps others free themselves of the shackles of financial servitude to the corporate world. His goal is to help self-motivated smart, hard-workers liberate themselves from the corporate establishment to build their own business and attain personal freedom.

He has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, and his products have ranked number one best selling in the educational, business and economics and special interest, business categories on Amazon.

His latest works include The Net Reporter, True Life Success Lessons and the wildly successful I Gotta Tell You blog and newsletter.