Joel D Canfield

Joel D Canfield


I’m a writer. Most of my books are about my business philosophy. There’s also a mystery, with a sequel on the way. And let’s not forget over 100 songs in the past decade.

Independent publishing has changed how artists connect with fans. We no longer need gatekeepers to decide what can or should be published. Every singer, songwriter, artist, and author should have the ability to share their work, even sell their work, if they choose to.

Little Purple Books is my publishing company. My own books, and soon, other authors’, are professionally prepared, then published under the Someday Box imprint.

My Best Beloved and I were nomads for a year-and-a-half before we semi-settled in New Jersey in the fall of 2011, then semi-settled again in Wisconsin in the spring of 2012. We’ve signed a 1-year lease, but more to the point, a 2-year contract on our internet access, so we’re here for at least two years. What happens after that is anybody’s guess.