Lisa Shepherd

Lisa Shepherd

Lisa Shepherd is the founder and president of The Mezzanine Group, a business-to-business strategy and marketing company based in Toronto, Canada. Over the last two decades, Lisa has worked and consulted with over 200 companies in more than 30 different industries on how to grow revenues and profits through effective marketing. She has grown Mezzanine into a four-time winner of the fastest growing company award from PROFIT magazine (two years on the Profit Hot 50 and two years on the Profit 100). She knows how to use marketing to gain customers and increase profits for B2B companies.

Lisa’s career in B2B began in the early 90s, with a technology company that sold computer peripherals to enterprise clients. She continued her B2B focus while completing her MBA at the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University, where she worked as a management consultant with technical and industrial companies. She went on to establish The Mezzanine Group to help B2B organizations – from small and mid-sized privately-held companies to large enterprises and professional associations – grow.

Lisa has a pragmatic approach to B2B strategy and marketing that has been learned through years of working with owner-managers of privately held businesses as well as leaders in Fortune 500 enterprises. She knows from experience that marketing can profoundly enhance the success of B2B companies when used effectively – and that more B2B companies have the opportunity to put marketing to work. They just need to market smart.

Lisa has worked in advanced manufacturing, aerospace, financial services, telecommunications, oil and gas, technology, healthcare, clean-tech, technical and professional services organizations and many, many others over the last two decades.

She is a recognized expert on B2B strategy and marketing, and speaks and writes extensively on B2B growth. Her columns and advice are featured in The Globe & Mail, PROFIT magazine, 20/20 Magazine, Toronto Star and the National Post, among others.