Marcella Bremer

Marcella Bremer

Marcella Bremer is the co-founder of the Dutch consultancy firm Kikker Groep and co-founder of OCAI Online. She’s an experienced consultant in the field or organizational culture, change and personal development. Her motto is: “Develop the workers, the workplace and the world.”

She’s fascinated by organizational culture, personal effectiveness, collaboration in teams, positive leadership, change, the abundance approach and human behavior.
Next to consultant and trainer/coach, she’s an author, speaker and “inspirator”.

OCAI Online offers the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) developed by Cameron & Quinn. Kikker Groep provides consulting, training and coaching in the field of organization development.

Though she’s a consultant with a Master’s degree in Business Administration (Change Management), she has worked in different fields like journalism, writing & publishing and training & coaching. She has added to her education courses like Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Bodywork, Psych-K, theater work and various trainer’s courses, next to a few extra college years in Law, Psychology and Journalism.
Entrepreneurial and pragmatic as she is, OCAI Online is the third business she co-founded.

Her book New Heroes was published in Dutch in 2000. It’s about entrepreneurship and being brave. The positive tone of voice is clearly Marcella’s. She teamed up with former Internet entrepreneur Arko van Brakel to create it.

Her E-book 21C Positive Change was published in 2012. It’s about our 21st century workplaces where we’d like to take (more) ownership for our work, embrace positive change, let go of the control mindset, co-create a culture that fosters mastery, autonomy and purpose and facilitate ourselves and other professionals to unleash their potential…?

Her next book is Change Circles – Accept what is, Be the Change, Lead the way.
This is the book to help you engage, energize and empower people and organizations. Whether it’s in your village or in your business: team up with 10 people and make change work this time…. It’s about change leadership and overcoming the common obstacles. This method stimulates people skills – starting with the skill to know yourself and accept what is. From acceptance, change can evolve, leveraged by the Change Circle that supports you. When you are the change, you’ll lead the way and help others change what is necessary for them to change.