Natalie Sisson

Natalie Sisson

My friends call me an adventurer (others use the word nutter) because I have a motto of living life to the fullest. I’m a writer, author, speaker, blogger and fun-loving, down to earth entrepreneur.

I’m ridiculously passionate about building amazing businesses online that you can take anywhere. That means online marketing, social media and new tools and technologies are my life.

Combine that with my absolute love for travel and my addiction to Ultimate Frisbee, and you pretty much have the full picture on me.

I’ve had over 8 years of corporate experience in marketing, communications, brand and product management for some major companies in New Zealand, England and Canada across the widest variety of industries – yep I had real jobs!

Throw into the mix a past life in modeling, TV presenting, Moto-x racing, tennis, netball, triathlons, sailing, and you get the kind of person I am.

A multi-faceted multi-potentialite woman intent on changing my world, and yours for the better. I love learning and then passing on that knowledge here. I heart entrepreneurship.