Paula Rizzo

Paula Rizzo

I’m the author of Listful Thinking and I’m thrilled that you’re visiting my site. Since I was a little girl I had “write book” on my bucket list and it’s actually becoming a reality. I never thought I’d write a book about lists though!

I’ve always been a list maker but I kicked it into high gear when I started my career as a television producer. Lists helped me to stay focused, meet deadlines and be more productive. When you’re dealing with live TV — stuff happens with or without you so you have to be ready. Checklists and lists make that possible.

I started applying my list-making ways to my homelife and immediately saw a difference in my productivity, success and happiness. I was overwhelmed when my husband and I were looking for an apartment so I turned to a checklist. That list detailed every single thing we needed to pay attention to when we visited each apartment. It made it easy and almost fun.

That’s when I really saw the power lists have. So I started my blog to help people become more efficient with their time and make better lists. That blog inspired this book, Listful Thinking.

I live in New York City with my husband, Jay Berman, who is a sports radio anchor and host.