Tom O'Neil

Tom O'Neil

❚ Published & featured in the Harvard Business Review, Economist, TVNZ, TV3 & the NZ Herald, Tom is an award winning keynote speaker & international author

❚ He is also international author of ‘The 1% Principle’, published through Harper Collins in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and NZ, as well as international author of ‘Selling Yourself to Employers’, published through New Holland Publishers in the U.K., Australia and NZ.

As an award winning professional speaker in business integrity and personal development, Tom’s keynotes & workshops include:

❚ The 1% Principle’ – How to achieve strong sustainable change by asking the question ‘What is one thing I can do today to improve my life by 1%?’

❚ The Dollars & Sense of Reputation Branding – How to compete with ‘E’ase and avoid a wide-range of reputation-damagers

❚ The Currency of Trust – How to build trust and attract more of the clients, customers and staff you want

❚ The Integrity Factor – The benefits of demonstrating and maintaining integrity under pressure

❚ ‘The Science of Success’ – 12 Keys to reach your potential over the next 12 months

❚ ‘Goal Getting – Not Goal Setting!’ – Core principles for effective strategic planning and achievement in your organisation

❚ ‘Just Do It’ – Powerful keys to get and stay motivated

❚ ‘Selling & Marketing Yourself Professionally’ – Effective personal branding & career leadership