Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar is a popular American motivational speaker and self help author. He came from humble beginnings to be an expert sales person, best selling author, and highly sought after public speaker. Ziglar has successfully blended his own religious beliefs with positive thinking to create a philosophy that is his own.

Zig Ziglar was born as Hilary Hinton Ziglar on the 6th of November, 1926. He was born in Alabama, but was mostly raised in Yazoo City, Mississippi. Ziglar was child number ten of twelve and went through much hardship growing up. His father died in 1932, just weeks before his youngest sister also died. This left his mother to care and provide for her eleven siblings by herself.

After serving in the Navy and being discharged in 1946, Ziglar briefly started studying at the University of South Carolina. Choosing to pursue a career in sales, rather than full time study, he started selling pots and pans for the Wearever Aluminum Company. Although he struggled in the beginning, Ziglar improved his sales skills over several years, selling products for various companies.

In the early 1970s Zig Ziglar began his career as a full time motivational speaker and self help author. His self help classic “See You at the Top” was first published in the early seventies. It went on to be reprinted again and again, with sales still strong after 30 years of it first being published.

Ziglar is a born again Christian with a very strong belief in God. Many of his books are written from a Christian perspective or at least have subtle evangelizing messages within them. One of his favorite phrases is “You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Over his long and successful career he has published more than twenty five books on leadership, personal growth, sales, faith, family, Christianity, and success. He has also published and recorded a long list of audio programs, videos, books and training curriculums for individuals, small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, churches, and nonprofit organizations.

“I believe that being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can’t truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles.” Zig Ziglar Quote