The real reasons why millennials are leaving your business

Companies are scrambling, worrying and head scratching as to how to retain millennials. It’s estimated that Gen Y are beginning to stay only two years in a role and then hopping onto pastures new. It’s a real concern for corporate organisations across the globe. HR departments have been tasked with the job of how to retain key millennial talent, yet they don’t have the tools to work with. Ultimately they are running around in circles chasing their tails for an […]

The 4 steps to building an engaged team

Engagement is (understandably) one of the big focuses for 21st century businesses and teams.  When customers are demanding, competition is fierce and innovation is an essential part of “business as usual”, teams can only thrive (and survive, really), when they consist of a collection of dedicated, motivated individuals. From what I’ve seen with our clients, there are really four simple steps to building and maintaining that desired high level of engagement.  Here we go: 1.  Paint the picture People are […]

Room to breathe

One of the “blessings” of growing a company is that you rapidly get to a point where you (as the leader) can’t drive everything yourself.  I say blessing in quotes because it’s a nerve-wracking process.  After all, you either built the thing (entrepreneur), or you’re ultimately responsible for it (corporate leader).  And yet. And yet it needs to be done. You can’t do it all yourself. And here’s what happens when you just get out of the way: Darlene Huff […]

Ask ratios

There’s a well known ratio in the world of Social Media of 9:1.  That is to say, to run a “healthy” and well respected social media channel, you should be, according to “them”, sending out 9 informational, sharing-of-other-people’s-content messages for each 1 “self-promotional” message, or ask. If you ask me, the whole thing is a bit contrived, and still doesn’t support the true potential of social media.  That said, the intention is good, and the message is clear – for people […]

Neatly packaged

Last month’s twitter chat at #BizBkChat was with the fabulous writer and entrepreneur, John Jantsch (of Duct Tape Marketing fame).  On the chat, he made a comment that,  “Purpose isn’t a meeting.  It’s an excavation.” There was something about that line that rang true for me.  I think we’re so used to labeling things, boxing them in and putting parameters around them.  It helps us to keep our chaotic world organized, of course, and so the attempt to define and […]