The Enduring Value of Developing a Coaching Habit

Full disclosure: here at Actionable, we are super fans of Michael Bungay Stanier. In 2012, Actionable Founder Chris Taylor sat down with Michael to talk about how to Do More Great Work. Since then, we’ve written summaries of Do More Great Work, Get Unstuck & Get Going, and The Coaching Habit, and hosted Michael for a webinar about The Coaching Habit. One of the things we love about Michael’s work is that it’s highly actionable—Do More Great Work, for example, […]

It’s Your Time to Adopt A 21st Century Leadership Mindset

I wrote Our Journey to Corporate Sanity for anyone who is ready to participate in a journey of exploration and co-creation for a higher purpose. It is especially for those who want to become 21st century leaders who create new opportunities instead of being stuck in old ways of problem-solving and blaming, and who understand that trust, community, and relationships are the keys to this era. Those who are participating in this journey want to learn how to transform themselves and […]