The eye of the storm

eye of the storm

There’s a very good chance that you’re a busy person.  I know this, because you have a pulse.  We all have more to do in the average day than we have hours available, and (despite wishful thinking), there’s no real indication that that’s going to change.  We have work demands, family needs and the inevitable fires that crop up when they’re least appreciated. So what do we do? I see there being two options for us to consider. 1.  We […]

Screen Apnea 101

“…the average adult spends over eight hours a day in front of a screen.” –Manage your Day-To-Day, page 152 Books like Eat Move Sleep have already reminded us that sitting all day at the computer is a major health hazard. It’s also a lame way to live your daily life, right? The negative impact from sitting is just the tip of the iceberg as researcher Linda Stone noted in Manage Your Day-To-Day. Stone has described a new phenomenon called screen […]

Why now? Why like this?

earth around the sun

This quote from The Warren Buffett Way has stuck with me since I first read it a few years ago:
“‘Often’, he notes, ‘profitable business returns might not coincide with the time it takes for the planet to circle the sun.’”

I love it. Why do we assume that targets should be annual? That meetings should be


motion creates emotion

For Alexis Ohanian it’s about capitalizing on our open source internet. To Tom Rath, it’s about taking time to stretch and walk around. In virtually all our summaries about creating a better life, upsetting the status quo, making a ruckus or generally getting more out of our days, the message is simply this – move. “Motion creates emotion”, says Jim Young.  (As does Tony Robbins, according to a quick Google search) Get up. Get out of bed. Leave the comfort of the […]