Real leaders don’t change diapers

Babysitters belong in the home with our children, singing ABCs with gusto and wiping applesauce off the couch. You know where babysitters don’t belong?  In the office, poppin’ into our cubicles uninvited and monitoring our daily activities with a smug smile. Call me crazy but I thought if you were hired to work for a company, said company respected your work ethic enough to give you space to… you know, actually do you work. This is not always the case. […]


Creative tension

We had our quarterly leadership training on Friday, and the launch of a new Actionable Consultant cohort yesterday.  At some time during both events, I overheard those magical words, “this group really feels like family.” I worry sometimes that my communication style can be a little too casual.  A little too “transparent”.  I feel that I’m being too honest, and that through “over sharing” I can spread any of the trepidation and concern that I can (sometimes) feel, as the […]

The long play

taking the long view

It would seem that our view of things is becoming more and more myopic by the day. CEOs and shareholders are more and more focused on quarterly earnings. Sales people are more focused on hitting monthly targets. We’re more focused on how we’ll get through this day, sometimes even this hour, than we are on the long term impact of our role and work. And yet.  And yet when we take a brief pause – a moment to reflect on […]

Ask ratios

There’s a well known ratio in the world of Social Media of 9:1.  That is to say, to run a “healthy” and well respected social media channel, you should be, according to “them”, sending out 9 informational, sharing-of-other-people’s-content messages for each 1 “self-promotional” message, or ask. If you ask me, the whole thing is a bit contrived, and still doesn’t support the true potential of social media.  That said, the intention is good, and the message is clear – for people […]

Benefits of the unknown

benefits of the unknown

In a lot of cases, for most aspects of the business, I know just enough to be dangerous. Finance, Operations, Project Management, Instructional Design, Analytics, the list goes on – none of them areas of expertise, but ones that I know enough about that I’m comfortable jumping in and “figuring out the rest later”. Which, when I was working on my own, was probably a good thing. I could get the ball rolling and learn through doing. But now we […]