Celebrating our all-stars

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We hope you find a lot of value out of the book summaries that we post almost every week day! What you may not know is that they’re written by a dedicated team of volunteers who have not only a passion for books, but also knowledge and learning, and who like to pass on the Insights they glean so others can benefit, too. I want to take a moment to celebrate some recent milestones in our Actionable Book Club community.

  • Brittnei Berrisford (5th summary)
  • Kate Cadet (5th summary)
  • Fern Chang (5th summary)
  • Alison Spitzer (5th summary)
  • Peter Taylor (5th summary)
  • Jacqueline van Dyk (5th summary)
  • Ronni Hendel-Giller (15th summary)
  • Peter Nakamura (15th summary)
  • Justin Gasbarre (20th summary)
  • Ingrid Urgolites (20th summary)
  • Carol-Ann Hamilton (25th summary)
  • Dianne Coppola (35th summary)
  • Jill Donahue (45th summary)

Actionable Books wouldn’t be the wonderful resource that it is without the contributions these individuals make on a monthly basis, so let’s all raise a glass to them!

(If you’re interested in learning more about how you can contribute to Actionable Books, please click here for more information.)

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