Do you eat business books for breakfast?

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If the Actionable Books community has one overarching quality that unifies us all it’s a voracious love of business books.

The Actionable Book Club takes that passion to another level. Our members love them so much that one might say we eat them for breakfast (and lunch and dinner!) It’s this passion for ideas—and most important of all, applying these ideas to our lives—that has made the book club resonate with our members.

I hold the ABC (as we so fondly call it) close to my heart. As Actionable’s Managing Editor, I’ve been overseeing it since 2013 and it’s sort of my baby. As such it’s been wonderful to watch it grow and evolve over the last few years. Everyone gets something different out of it. Some join to hone their writing skills, others to ensure that they read at least one book every month amidst the chaos of their lives. Many join for the network and social aspect of the monthly mastermind online calls. Some use it to explore a facet of their job, while others learn something totally foreign (you choose the books so it’s entirely up to you). And you never know where it could lead you. Peter Nakamura joined the ABC in 2014. He then took on the role of group leader and in early 2015 he joined us as a full-time employee at Actionable as our Client Engagement Manager. Pretty cool, huh?

I’m doubly excited this time around because we’re also launching our first Australian ABC group. I know our friends from down under are going to love the ABC.

Not sold yet? Join us for a webinar where we’ll go over the finer points of the club and take your burning questions. You can claim your spot here.

So, do you eat business books for breakfast? If you do, please join our group of individuals who are as hungry as you are! Applications close Saturday, November 14. Learn more and apply here.

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