Exponential Opportunity

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If you get a chance to watch this week’s interview with Gary Vaynerchuk, I highly recommend investing the 20 minutes. In addition to his usual engaging personality, he talks about his personal plan to move beyond social media into new product creation; taking what he’s learned from his time in social and applying it to a retail product. It got me thinking…

People in the tech space are focused on making tech products. An extremely talented friend of mine is focused on it right now with his company, Twitsprout. (Twitsprout’s data on the Obama Twitter Townhall is undoubtedly very cool.) I have nothing against tech innovation – it’s obviously a hot market, and I wish him all the best. But what if he took that technical know-how and applied it to something completely unrelated, like promoting a local farmers’ market. I know very little about the world of farmers’ markets, but I would imagine there’s a definitive lack of tech knowledge in the space.

What if a commercial architect took his knowledge of space and design and applied it to designing car interiors? Or circus tents?

There’s something magical that can happen when you take a specific skill set and apply it to a new medium. The creativity can flourish under the new restraints and something entirely new can spring into being.

Rather than chasing ever diminishing potential in a space saturated by people with your same skill set, what if you took your skill to an entirely new frontier?  That’s where the exponential opportunity lies… And pursuing it can be not only profitable, but invigorating.

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