Five Years

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Five years ago today, I published my first ever Actionable Summary.

Five years – 260 weekly emails – later, we’re closing in on 400 summaries and, I’m delighted to say, we’ve never missed a week.  Even more rewarding, there are now no less than 68 other individuals who have picked up the torch; distilling core ideas from leading business books into their own “actionable” summaries.

Our format has changed, our name has changed (long live “The Goose!”), but the purpose continues; making it easier for busy professionals – like you – to learn and apply concepts from top business books, quickly and easily.  For me, running and growing the business over the last half decade has offered up its own insights and life lessons.

My five biggest takeaways from the first five years of the business:

1.  Stop for gas.

My favorite (professional) moments from the last five years are those where we took a time out.  Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do.  But the memories come from the retreats, the dinners and the random road trips.  Experiences define our existence.

2.  Purpose drives everything.

I’ve probably mentioned it in 10+ posts by now ~  I’m amazed by the caliber of people we attract.  It turns out that the one thing that unites us all is a shared belief that work can be a better place.

3.  Humanity trumps professionalism.

Whether it’s been a client conversation, employee hire or blog post, my best interactions have happened when I stopped being who I thought I should be, and started being me.  Honest.  Raw.  Stuttering occasionally.  But heartfelt.  People connect with other people.

4.  Nothing beats a good accountant (except for maybe a good bookkeeper)

Self explanatory?  Not only is a good accountant crucial for keeping in good standing with the government, the best accountants make for good beer buddies.  I’ve learned many a business lesson over a pint.

5.  The best is yet to come.  As wonderful as the last five years have been, I finally understand what they mean when they say it takes five years to build a business.  We’re on the cusp of something wonderful.  Thanks for being here with us.

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