“I’m an Entrepreneur that actually executes”

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I’m listening to a Six Pixels podcast with Gary Vaynerchuk.  When asked, going through security at the airports, what he “does”, apparently Gary Vee has a hard time with the definition.  As he says to Mitch in this interview, though (in classic Gary Vee style) – “I’m an entrepreneur that actually executes.”

Sure, it’s bold, sweeping, and no doubt mildly offensive to some.  But it’s also true.  And it made me think – all the authors I sat down with this year were talking about doing.

  • Seth talked about “shipping” – on time, and on budget, but above all, completing projects and sending them out the door.
  • Roger Martin talked about trying – making mistakes on your way to innovation.
  • Dan Pink talked about the motivation of getting ourselves (and others) to do.
  • Sir Ken Robinson (interview dropping later this month) stresses the importance of creativity, and then defines creativity as the “process of having original ideas that add value.”  (note the “doing” words)

I’ve met several people over the past few years who, upon learning what I do have replied, “Oh, I had that idea YEARS ago!”

Congratulations.  What did you do with it?

There’s never been a cheaper, easier time to produce.  To execute.  To ship.  There’s never been a better time than now.

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