Lessons from 2013’s Top Summaries

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The two most popular summaries this year were Anything You Want and The Power of Habit.  (Nice work, Parin & Jill!)

After rereading these two great pieces I was re-inspired, for two reasons:

First off, the content is a fabulous reminder that almost everything in our lives is in our control.  And, if the actual event isn’t, our response to it is.  As we all look towards 2014 and all its shiny, untarnished potential, I think it’s important to (re-)establish the firm mental belief that what this next year becomes is entirely up to us.  It will take work.  It will require breaking bad habits and forging new ones.  It will have its ups and downs.  But as long as we stay true to what’s important to us, and look for the opportunities to say “HELL YEAH” (while saying “no” a lot in the meantime), this really can be a breakthrough year.

The second reason I was so inspired by the fact that these two summaries were the top viewed in 2013 is because it speaks volumes to the caliber of individuals who grace us with their presence here at Actionablebooks.com.  (Yes, I’m talking about you).  These two summaries, in culmination, say to me “anything is possible.  But it’s up to me to make it a reality.”  And people who believe that are the coolest people I know.  Dreamers who hustle.  Hustlers who focus on the big picture.  It’s the combination of dreaming and doing that creates greatness.

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