motion creates emotion
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For Alexis Ohanian it’s about capitalizing on our open source internet.

To Tom Rath, it’s about taking time to stretch and walk around.

In virtually all our summaries about creating a better life, upsetting the status quo, making a ruckus or generally getting more out of our days, the message is simply this – move.

“Motion creates emotion”, says Jim Young.  (As does Tony Robbins, according to a quick Google search)

Get up. Get out of bed. Leave the comfort of the known.  Do something.  What’s holding you back from doing 10 jumping jacks right now?  What’s stopping you from doing a Google search on the sommelier course you’ve been wanting to take?  Why aren’t you doing all the things you want to?  The things you know you should?

Stop thinking about it.  Do it.  Move.

image courtesy of Boiler Room, New Line Cinema

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