Riding the line

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I believe that one of the reasons people fall flat (in staggering percentages) on their New Years Resolutions goals is that they ride the line too closely.

“Riding The Line”:  When your expectations (on yourself or others) is so high that it would take being perfect 99.99% of the time to realize your goals.

Jan 3rd I was struck down with a flu.  Even as we speak, I write this in my bathrobe, pounding back DayQuil and Oil of Oregano in an attempt to get back myself back in the saddle.  But (mentally) I’m ok.  I can focus on recovery because my goals this year don’t require me to be working 18 hours days for the 366 days we have this year.

Make no mistake, there will be 18 hour days (and some all nighters).  I have (and will) “work ’till my eyeballs bleed”, as Gary Vaynerchuk so eloquently puts it.  But I made a conscious effort to give myself room to be human this year.  To take some vacations.  To focus on the other elements of my life that matter.  And yes, even to be sick.

When it comes to New Years Resolutions (and long term goals of any kind, for that matter), if you actually plan on hitting them, I’d recommend acknowledging that you’re human.    Instead of pushing yourself to the limits, without acknowledging that life can get in the way, set intelligent goals.  Set goals based on 80% of your capacity, understanding that some days that will mean 30% and other days it will be 100%.  Your blood pressure will thank me.

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