Room to breathe

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One of the “blessings” of growing a company is that you rapidly get to a point where you (as the leader) can’t drive everything yourself.  I say blessing in quotes because it’s a nerve-wracking process.  After all, you either built the thing (entrepreneur), or you’re ultimately responsible for it (corporate leader).  And yet.

And yet it needs to be done. You can’t do it all yourself. And here’s what happens when you just get out of the way:

Darlene Huff – our newly minted “Director of Consultant Engagement” ran the most recent ACP monthly peer call.  I was there, but was deliberately quiet.  (ie. I shut up.  Which is hard for me)

And it was amazing.

Fabulous conversation.  Great new connections established.  Value in the program clearly established.

You’re surrounded by some brilliant people.  I guarantee it.  Give them the space to play a leadership role, and you’ll be amazed by what develops.  I have been, at any rate.

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