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Last Friday, to a small group of friends, we quietly announced the launch of a new program, designed to help Consultants and Coaches grow their respective practices.  It was the first time we’d launched a program like this, and it got me thinking about the act of creating in business.

As we’re also trying something new with regular video updates for business owners, I created a short video with some of my key “actionable” takeaways from the experience:


I think the biggest learning, though – not shared in the video – was how quickly we could bring something like this to life.  The team strategized about this through the last two weeks of April, created a timeline May 1st, and the program is launching June 13th.  Think about that – we had a team of 4 working on this, on a shoe-string budget, and were able to put this together – from inception to launch – in less than 2 months.

I work with a fabulous team, no question.  But so do you.  My encouragement, if you have the slightest urge to launch something – to create something new – is do it.  The summer’s likely going to be a quieter time for your business (as quiet as it will ever be, at any rate).  Give it a shot.  What have you got to lose?

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