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Your voice

First time writer Kerri Twigg wrote a great summary this week on the importance of finding “your authentic voice” as a leader; on the value found in striking a balance between directive and supportive tones.  The authors of the book were literally referring to your voice – how you speak and interact with others – but the message resonated with me on a different level; namely, how to maintain a clear tone (or “voice”) as you scale. We’ve been growing at a […]

Breaking B(re)ad

Breaking B(re)ad

I’m a big believer in digital teams.  Virtual teams.  Remote teams.  However you want to word it; groups of passionate individuals working collaboratively towards a common objective, aided by technology. I believe this way of working is core to the future of high-functioning teams. Ok.  That now off my chest, I also believe there’s nothing that replaces the power of face to face.  Of breaking bread together, gathering around a whiteboard and/or sharing a bottle of wine.  There’s something about seeing someone […]

Playing in harmony

A symphony orchestra is comprised of roughly 100 individuals who, through their combined efforts, create something truly remarkable. The word “collaboration” gets bounced around a lot in 21st century work environments. Ironically (perhaps), the teams I see that are most collaborative have a strong culture of personal accountability at their core.  In orchestra language, the violinist focuses exclusively on being the best damn violinist she can be.  She doesn’t concern herself with learning the tuba, though she appreciates what the tuba […]