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You’re so lucky

My wife and I are moving to Spain for a year, starting in just over a month. It’s amazing to me how the number one comment I get (typically from people I don’t know) is “You’re so lucky!”  I’ve learned to smile and mutter something polite, but each time a battle rages on internally as to whether I really want to “get into it” with the person in front of me. I know they mean well, and that they’re simply […]

Where did you get your REAL education?

Inspired by Scott Adam’s recent WSJ article on what he really learned in School, I decided to compare my BFA Film Degree to an MBA, through the lens of Entrepreneurship… I had the pleasure of attending Simon Fraser University for Film School (BFA) in my formative years.  I never attended any type of formal business schooling but, in speaking with many people who have (including several MBA graduates), here are my 6 reasons why I believe Film School was more […]

People Naturally Like David

I hang out with a lot of Entrepreneurs.  Fun crowd too, full of energy and ideas. Particularly with “greener” entrepreneurs, I often hear of tactics they’re using to appear bigger – automated email replies, telephone answering services, 1-800 lines, etc.  While it’s great to create efficiencies where you can, I worry sometimes that in their efforts to appear larger and more established, they can sometimes miss opportunities to embrace their smallness – to use it as an opportunity for real, […]