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The 4 steps to building an engaged team

Engagement is (understandably) one of the big focuses for 21st century businesses and teams.  When customers are demanding, competition is fierce and innovation is an essential part of “business as usual”, teams can only thrive (and survive, really), when they consist of a collection of dedicated, motivated individuals. From what I’ve seen with our clients, there are really four simple steps to building and maintaining that desired high level of engagement.  Here we go: 1.  Paint the picture People are […]

Lead ’em like they don’t get paid

or, rather, like they don’t get a salary. I had the distinct pleasure of learning leadership in the Direct Sales world.  For those unfamiliar with the industry, it may surprise you to learn that most, if not all of the estimated 8 million people who work in Direct Sales in North America work as “independent contractors”, meaning, that they’re not salaried.  Their income is directly tied to their results.  No ceiling.  No floor.  As a result of this unique compensation […]