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The question

Seth Godin's question

“What do you want to have happen?”   That one question – raised to me by Seth Godin years back – continues to be the most powerful seven words I have in business.  For myself, my team, our clients and coaches, no matter what the challenge is, the very first question I ask is what do you want to have happen? It’s usually a pretty short conversation after that one’s answered. How often do we overcomplicate and overthink the problems that […]

Sometimes it’s just cool.

So, follow this with me, if you will:   1.  I recently reached out to a very cool blogger named Willie Jackson, just to say hey.  (took me 90 seconds) 2. Because Willie is a self pronounced Seth Godin fan (as am I), I made reference in the email to an interview I recently conducted with Seth. (5 seconds) 3.  Willie decided watched the interview and, about three minutes in (from what I can tell), he tweeted about it.  (3 […]

Asking the right question

I had the distinct pleasure of attending a 12 person, full day workshop with Seth Godin last week.  Seth’s a bit of a hero of mine (I compared this workshop to being a high school football quarterback and having the opportunity to attend a clinic with Tom Brady for the day), so this was a fairly incredible event for me. Interestingly, my biggest takeaway was not specific to the business, but rather to a way of thinking.  Seth thinks differently […]