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Salaried Entrepreneur Characteristics
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About 4 years ago, on the heels of a series of interviews with top business book authors, I started throwing around the term “Salaried Entrepreneur”.  The concept was simple – entrepreneurship is a mindset, not a compensation structure.

The idea of challenging the unknown; building and creating in service to a particular market is universally beneficial.  I think Gen-Y instinctively gets this.  The generation’s resistance to the status quo, and driving desire for a deeper purpose in everything they do is core to the genetic makeup of an entrepreneur.

Our two showcase summaries this week – Personality Not Included and Promote Yourself – address this “Salaried Entrepreneur” concept from different, yet equally important angles, which coalesce in one simple yet powerful thought:

Companies thrive when they work towards the best interest (nay, the passions) of their target market, and the individuals who drive those (often daring) initiatives need to be recognized for their efforts.

Which part do you want to focus on this week – connecting with the passions of your customers, or recognizing people for doing something daring?


Kira & Shawn – you guys are living examples of the Salaried Entrepreneur mindset.  Nice work on all the new site updates.

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