Welcome, Andy & Best wishes, Lindsay

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2011 promises to be a year of exciting growth for Actionable and The Goose.  We’ve got some new author interviews lined up, great new features being added to both the free and paid elements of the site and a couple other goodies.  For me, though, no aspect of growth is as exciting or fulfilling as bringing on a new team member.  Which is why, it delights me to introduce Andy Budgell who, effective immediately, is stepping in as our Community Manager.  Andy brings with him a great passion for our content, and the online community at large.  Feel free to drop him a line and make him feel welcome (andy at actionablebooks dot com)

After dedicating two fantastic years to the company and our mission of turning business books into accessible, actionable tools for leaders and individuals alike, Lindsay Calder – who many of you know as the tireless voice behind any personal interactions you’ve had with the company (through Facebook, Twitter, ActionableLiteracy, etc) – has decided to take a step back from the day to day responsibilities of the business.  I want to take a moment to publicly thank Lindsay for the hard work, dedication and tremendous spirit she has brought to the organization during her time with us.  I can safely say that we wouldn’t have had the success we’ve had over the past 2 years if it hadn’t been for her involvement.

So, the team is growing and adapting.  The people involved are pursuing their passions and nothing for me is more exciting than that.

Welcome, Andy.  Best wishes, Lindsay.

Here we go.

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