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Quick story for you…

As I continue to reach out to interesting people in research for my upcoming book, I came across Garrett Lisi – a beach bum who happens to also be a physicist working on some of the most complex mathematical equations in existence.  I kid you not.  And, believe it or not, Garrett is not the topic of today’s post.  Instead, his website is.  Or, rather, the community that it introduced me to.  Here’s the story:

I came across Garrett while watching a Science Television series called Through the Wormhole. (Seen it?  It’s Morgan Freeman riffing on the nature of the universe.  Awesome.)  In any event, Garrett’s story was sufficiently interesting that Amy decided to do a little research and found a personal webpage at http://sifter.org/~aglisi/.  Curious, I started investigating this “Sifter.org“.  I’d never heard of it.  From their website, Sifter is described as:

An international network of rational adventurers,
creating, living, and sharing
the good life.

Pretty cool right?  I applied to join and, an hour or so later, walked through the (virtual) door to a (virtual) party of 400+ highly intelligent, decidedly impassioned individuals who value lifestyle and curiosity over social convention.  I’m hooked.

Ok, so what’s the point?

This group exists.  It’s niche, it’s out there, and it’s not for 99% of the world, and that’s the point.  Whatever you’re into, whatever your beliefs, values or intentions, there’s a group out there for you.  This is (sort of) the point from The Long Tail – there’s a market now for the most odd, bizarre and niche.  There’s a market now for you.  And it’s easier than ever to connect with those people.

We have our own band for the long tail – our Actionable Book Club.  Here’s what it’s all about:

Applications are open until November 28th, 2014

Book Club not for you?  Cool, it’s not for most people.  Again, that’s the point, right?  Make something that’s for everyone and you water it down.  Keep it niche – keep it making most people say, “No thanks” – and you make it special for a small group.

Find that group.  The one that fits you, without compromise.

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