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This quote from The Warren Buffett Way has stuck with me since I first read it a few years ago:

“Often profitable business returns might not coincide with the time it takes for the planet to circle the sun.”

I love it. Why do we assume that targets should be annual? That meetings should be 60 minutes? That our workday should be 9-5 (or Monday to Friday, for that matter?)

I don’t think we have to. In fact, I know we don’t. The most successful people I know work at 5:30am… or 11:30 at night. They work from their back porch… or an airplane… or the office.

There’s this weird Bloods/Crips thing between the “corporate world” and the “entrepreneur” world. And it’s ridiculous. This is not a binary thing. This is a human thing. Some people work better in offices. Others do their best work at home. At midnight. In a t-shirt. And it’s all good. If we’re high functioning, productive members of our respective companies, we should be trusted to work where we do our best work. And if we’re not trusted to do that, we either (a) don’t deserve to be, or (b) need to find another company.

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