#YearinReview, as inspired by Seth

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Catching up on my daily dose of Seth Godin (I took two weeks off to be with my folks and travel with my fiancee), I came across this post about reviewing the year in regards to “shipping”.  Only completed projects count (not the one’s you chickened out on, or abandoned).  So, in the spirit of Seth and all things Linchpin, here’s my list of things shipped in 2010:

  • Organized, conducted and posted 13 author interviews for the “From the Horse’s Mouth” series, including Seth Godin, Sir Ken Robinson, Dan Pink and more.
  • Personally authored 28 business book summaries.
  • Edited and posted 17 Guest writer articles.
  • Produced the Salaried Entrepreneur DVD.
  • Raised $6300 for Room to Read, through Actionable Literacy.
  • Launched the Actionable Workshops Facilitator Program.
  • Launched ActionableLiteracy.com
  • Launched actionablebooks.com

Of course, there’s no way I could have done all of this myself. I have a fantastic partner and collaborator in Lindsay, and we’ve been fortunate to have the support and efforts of dozens of volunteers, suppliers and good friends along the way.  The focus on shipping really is a powerful thing.  It makes you think through what you’re doing before embarking on any initiative, seriously reconsider quitting (and sometimes do it anyway), and gives you a great sense of accomplishment throughout the year.  It also draws people together.  In short, shipping creates focus.  And a heck of a lot of fun.

What did you ship this year?

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