You can do anything

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In reading last week’s Actionable Summaries of The Charisma Myth and Imagine, I was reminded of something fairly powerful.  We can do just about anything.  We can get better at almost everything.

Think about it – charisma and creativity – two traits that can seem almost magical when realized, and in these two books we learned real ways to develop both.  Sally Hogshead did it with Fascinate, too.

The question we need to consider is not if we can improve at something, but how to go about doing so.  And, perhaps even more importantly, if it’s something we really want/need to focus on.  We need to strip self pity and “I can’t do that” from our mindsets.  We need to think intelligently about whether we really want to improve “that” in our lives… and then find the readily available resources to help us do it.

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