009 – Finding Your Authentic Voice

Finding Your Authentic Voice

How do you as an individual–whether as a business owner or a corporate employee–find your own authentic voice? In the third and final episode of our look at authentic branding, Sally Hogshead, author of How the World Sees You, joins us to discuss your own personal brand and how to build that authentically. Some of the highlights include:

  • What inspired Sally’s fascination with personal fascination?
  • Personal brand and business brand (and how to distinguish the two)
  • How to explain to your prospect how you can add value — how you write the tagline for your personality
  • Why you’re always doing one of two things: Adding value or taking up space (and why you don’t want to be the human equivalent of spam)
  • Tapping into your natural wellspring
  • Finding your anthem and creating your company around your anthem

In 31 minutes Sally Hogshead helps you recognize the attributes that make you fascinating in order to find your authentic voice!

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Actionable Quote
“Every time you communicate with your prospect or your clients you’re either adding value or you’re taking up space.” —Sally Hogshead [Click to Tweet]


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