015 – Women in Tech

Women in Tech with Heather Payne

Why is there such a shortage of women in the tech industry? What are some of the stereotypes and how do we overcome them? In the final episode of our arc on 21st century women in the workplace we are joined by Heather Payne, an entrepreneur and the founder of HackerYou and Ladies Learning Code. We chat with Heather about many things relating to this fascinating topic, including:

  • Why female interest in technology suddenly disappears during the formative career planning years of postsecondary education
  • Are we in a time of change of how women view the technology industry?
  • Why we need to stop making assumptions of what girls want and like–and how they’re conditioned from a young age.
  • The importance of role models (and how easy it is to be one)
  • Why Heather believes it’s important to extend the invitation (but not necessarily guarantee acceptance)
  • What companies can do to redress the balance of the shortage of women in the tech industry

We hope you enjoy this very enlightening and inspiring talk with a woman who is changing the way we think of women in tech.

Actionable Quote
“Making it clear that [your organization] is a place where women are welcome and where women belong can go a long way.” —Heather Payne [Click to Tweet]


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