002 – Blending Work and Play

Blending Work and Play

How do you strike that elusive balance between work and play? Or is it more about blending the two? In the second episode of our look at doing work that matters, we talk to Kim Hansen, Chief Technology Officer of KwameCorp, and an expert at life optimization and engineering a daily flow that works not only for him, but also the people he works with.

Kim explains his concept of creative healthy lifestyle design, as well as:

  • moving his team to Bali for a month long optional work retreat (and whether this caused any friction between those who took advantage of this and those who didn’t)
  • capitalizing on your experience regardless of wherever you are
  • why a people first organization matters most to Kim
  • breaking down the four walls of the workplace and how we can apply this concept in a more traditional workplace
  • how we can bring more creative healthy lifestyle into our organizations

In our 33 minutes with Kim, we learn some effective ways to leverage each day and craft something that truly matters to you.

Actionable Quote
“It’s about creating a room and environment so people can expand where they want to grow…and try to align that with the company” —Kim Hansen [Click to Tweet]


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