006 – Lines in the Sand

Lines in the Sand with Srini Rao

How do you draw a line in the sand and define the people you want in your tribe? Srini Rao, author of The Art of Being Unmistakable and creator of the Unmistakable Creative podcast, is our guest for the third installment in our look at building a tribe. In our 31 minutes with Srini we discuss:

  • How he filters whether or not someone fits within the tribe on his own podcast
  • Why he has cancelled some big names on Unmistakable Creative
  • Does the desire of the community or Srini’s own interests drive the content he produces?
  • The importance of inspiring real change and not adding to the noise
  • Why a tribe is like an inner circle and shouldn’t be accessible to everyone

Discover why drawing lines in the sand when it comes to your tribe is not optional, but a necessity.

Actionable Quote
“What I look for is: Is the community going to evolve? Are these people going to be changed by a byproduct of the work that we’ve done or are we just making noise?”—Srini Rao [Click to Tweet]



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