003 – Professional Risk Taking

Professional Risk Taking with Paul Jarvis

Why aren’t more of us engaging in work that we’re truly passionate about? Most often the answer to that question is fear. In the third episode of our look at doing work that matters, we are joined by consultant, web designer, and prolific writer Paul Jarvis, author of five books, including Everything I Know.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Paul Jarvis has embraced risk with the understanding that fear and action can run parallel to one another
  • What Paul has struggled with in his writing career
  • There’s more risk in following the status quo
  • How advice has taken the place of critical thought
  • Why you should be reaching your Rat People and why the others don’t matter (and how to leverage this concept in your organization)
  • Why your work needs both cake and icing (the balance between the product and the marketing

Learn not to ignore fear, but rather to embrace it.

Actionable Quote
“A lot of times the things we are afraid of are risky because they matter. It’s a good indicator of the direction you should go in.” —Paul Jarvis [Click to Tweet]



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